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Posted by ScriptedLove on Aug 5, 13 11:08 am

yeah, i was thinking about doing that as well. Stupid Internet Explorer. >.

Posted by ScriptedLove on Oct 8, 08 5:42 pm

lmfao those were the exact same things that were going through my mind. id been working on that thing for a week and i was going insane and just said SCREW IT! lol, but im glad you like it. hahaha

Posted by ScriptedLove on Jun 27, 08 5:34 pm

I was going to suggest making it thinner because I personally like borders to be only about 1px; but actually, I do like how you blended the scrollbar into the border. I didn't notice that before. White or another light color may have looked a little better, but then again that would make it blend with that background. D:

Posted by schizo on Jun 27, 08 4:57 pm

thanks for the comment, what color do you think the border should have been, if a border should be there at all?

Posted by ScriptedLove on Jun 27, 08 4:38 pm

Well, idiot is harsh, but I wouldn't let it bother you too much. The person who said it hasn't even submitted anything. They probably know the first thing about design, so their opinion doesn't hold much merit. All the designers on here have gotten at least one asshole comment on something they've submitted. As I said: It's part of the site.

Posted by schizo on Jun 17, 08 12:47 pm

It wasn't criticism that made me mad.. If someone called you an idiot for a simple mistake, wouldn't you be mad too? Maybe im too sensitive?

Posted by ScriptedLove on Jun 17, 08 12:28 pm

Thanks, but what exactly did they take? If it's just my div stylesheet, that's ok. Not crediting me and taking my credit off the layout on their myspace is rude, but I'm not too worried. I've had to deal with bigger stealers lately (,, etc.). Thanks for letting me know though. =)

Posted by schizo on May 1, 08 5:24 pm

hey, therees a whore running around here stealing/editing layouts and calling them heres... stylesheet and all.. just warning you... ( d316)

Posted by ScriptedLove on May 1, 08 4:06 pm
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